Agile Delivery

A lot has been said about agile development and agile delivery over the past couple of decades. What makes the topic relevant today is that more and more companies are facing fast-moving competition and need to react on the levels of process, organization and culture. This is not necessarily affecting the whole organization, but again certain domains and bounded contexts that have to get faster and more quality-focused. The core task being to get more passes through the classic OODA-cycle (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) in less time.


The technical and functional feedback is the most important driver for a system’s (and subsequently an IT organization’s) success. To get there it is important to have responsible people developing and deploying solutions as they are the eyes and ears of the OODA-cycle. Not only solutions, also the development and delivery process itself should be improved iteratively and empirically. The right side of the ADES Framework focuses on these topics.